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“If you don’t make a change, you’ll be dead in ten years.”

I looked up at him from my sweat drenched hospital bed. 

Fear gripping my chest, IV tubes hanging from my arms, wondering if THIS is how it would end. 

How did this happen... to ME? 

Where did I go SO wrong? 

Like many of you… I prided myself on being an unstoppable high-performer. 

The kind of guy who got the job done no matter what. 

I saw myself as the type of guy who could take on Herculean challenges that would crush the average person… and smash through them almost effortlessly. 
  • I would wake up at 5 am every morning and religiously follow my high-performance morning routine
  • ​I meditated, ate clean, and did my best to stay in good shape. 
  • ​I put in 12, 14, even 18 hour days without losing steam and felt like I was an invincible high-performer who could get the job done no matter what. 
  • ​I prided myself on my ability to ignore stress and push through overwhelm no matter how demanding or challenging life became. 
  • ​And what’s more, my partners and I were on track for a multi-billion dollar success after acquiring and growing our company Teles Properties from $340MM/year to more than $1BB in the first two years alone.
I was dominating the game of life. 


That’s what it looked like on the outside. 

But the painful truth was… I was burning out. 

I’d become a slave to the demands of my career and if I didn’t do something -- fast -- everything I’d worked so hard to build was going to fall apart. 

Can you relate?
  • Working 90-hours a week and sacrificing the most important parts of my life… all while convincing myself that it was just (another) phase that would magically end at the end of the quarter.
  • Missing date nights, soccer games, recitals, and family time to stay late at the office… and feeling like a stranger to my own family. 
  • ​Fighting crippling anxiety and overwhelm and feeling like if I took even one day off… everything would break down. 
  • ​Spending my days putting out fires, responding to hundreds of emails, and hating myself for failing to get through even two of the 50+ items on my to-do list. 

Everyone around me thought I was a “success”. 

The truth was… every time I looked in the mirror, I felt like a fraud. 

And eventually… the insane demands I placed on my mind and body nearly broke me. 

But those 3-weeks I spent working from that hospital bed were actually the best thing that ever happened to me. 

Because they led me to discover a breakthrough methodology that changed my life, and the lives of thousands of my students, forever.  

Imagine for a second, what it would be like to get more done in the next 90-days than most people do all year… to feel proud of what you accomplished every day… and to know with certainty that you’re on the fastest path to achieving your big goals. 

Even better… 

Imagine what it would be like to do ALL of this… completely stress free? 

Effortlessly accomplishing your biggest goals, working less than ever before, and reclaiming control of your time, freedom, and life? 

This might sound like a bold claim. 

But as you’re about to see… 

Top entrepreneurs, executives, and high performers are already using this unique system to achieve their goals at breakneck speeds, save 10-20 hours each week, dominate their biggest goals… knockout their to-do list like a UFC fighter… and make more time for the people and things they care about most. 

"Sharran’s Productivity System completely changed my life. As an entrepreneur with multiple companies, how I spent my time was crucial and I used to always be stressed out. I have only implemented a few things and it’s already a night and day difference in how I run by business and my life."
- Dean Aguilar, CEO Digital Muse Media

I am always skeptical of systems that other people teach us but Sharran is different. His stuff is ultra-practical because he can point to exactly how he uses it in his life and it’s battle-tested. If you want strategies that you can use right now, then get Sharran’s Productivity Playbook.
- Jesse Salas, Harcourts San Diego

Sharran’s delivery on these strategies in on point. There is no fluff and it’s straight up gold. It’s easy to over think the stuff we don’t know but when someone can draw it out or build it out for you live… right there, then you know you can just do it. If you care about your productivity, you should get Sharran’s system.
- Vikram Deol, Owner: OsteoStrong Bakersfield 

And I’m going to show you exactly what I taught them here on this page, so don’t go anywhere…

    When I Decided to Build a Billion Dollar Company, I Had No Idea It Would Almost Break Me!

    Hi, my name is Sharran Srivatsaa. 

    Today, I’m known as the “$3.4 Billion Man” (a pretentious title, I know) after my partners and I grew our company Teles Properties 10X in five years… from $340MM to $3.4BB. 

    We spent four consecutive years on the Inc 500 fastest growing company list. 

    And achieved a level of growth most people thought was impossible. 

    Along the way, I’ve grown a few other multimillion dollar companies in different industries and I’ve been privileged to speak on stages around the world and coach some of the most elite and renown executives to the next level. 


    All of this sounds pretty cool. 

    But like I shared above… Those achievements came with a price tag. 

    And the cost was so high it almost took me out of the game for good. 

    Because I did what I see so many other entrepreneurs and high-performers doing. 

    I thought the key to success was to “out work the competition” and do MORE than anyone else… 

    Problem was… 

    I hit my breaking point. 

    “Hard work” was no longer enough (and frankly, I’m surprised it got me as far as it did). 

    As the demands of the business grew… 

    … I started drowning in them. 

    Sound familiar? 

    Thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’re building a billion dollar empire, trying to make your first 6-figures, or just struggling to balance a normal 9-5 with the rest of your life… you’ve probably had times where the demands were more than you could bear… 

    In fact, I’ve seen this play out in the lives of EVERY single person I’ve coached and mentored over the past 20 years. 

    From Fortune 100 CEOs to busy single moms just trying to make ends meet. 

    • CRUSHED by 12, 14, even 18 hour work days that leave nothing in the tank and trap you in the dreaded “performance yo-yo 
    • Working 7-days a week to keep up with the fast pace of your responsibilities and feeling guilty every time you need even a few minutes for yourself. 
    • ​Juggling a billion different projects, multitasking all day long, and fighting against the constant panic attacks… even though you have NO IDEA if the work you’re doing is bringing you closer to your goals or not. 
    • Constantly feeling behind on what you want to achieve and feeling like a “slacker” or a “loser” because you failed to hit your goals… again. 
    • ​Having NO clue when to say “no” or how to focus on what really matters (and trying to do EVERYTHING under the sun because… “It might work”) 
    • Having your confidence CRUSHED, feeling like you aren’t good enough for the goals you’ve set… and deciding to settle for less than you’re capable. 
    • ​ Putting in crazy work days only to look back and wonder, “What the heck did I even do today?” 
    • Escaping the gnawing sense that something’s wrong with distractions, booze, and other vices.
    • ​Losing hope in yourself and your future and wondering, “Am I even cut out for this?”
    If you can relate with any of these statements I’ve got good news… 

    1. It’s not your fault 
    2. It doesn’t have to be this way 

    You might not believe me right now… 

    And frankly I don’t blame you. 

    If you’d told me any of this ten years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you either! 

    Because I thought I was being productive… I thought I was one of the most focused, hard working, and efficient people on the planet! 

    And sure, the systems and methods I used were 100X better than what most other high-performers were using. 

    But those systems couldn’t handle the growing weight of my responsibilities. 

    They collapsed like a house of cards under an 18-wheeler. 

    And before I share how I rebuilt my entire philosophy from top to bottom, I need to make one important point. 

    When You’re Constantly Behind, Failing to Hit Your Goals, and Struggling to Get Things Done… 

    ...It doesn’t just affect your business or your bank account.

    It screws with your entire identity and jeopardizes your relationships with the people you care about most. 

    The worst part about that time in my life wasn’t the toll it took on my health… 

    It wasn’t having to hide the fact that I was in the hospital from my team and investors… 

    It wasn’t even the frustration I felt being behind on my goals… 

    It was how it wrecked my confidence and shattered my identity. 

    When you see yourself as a high-performer… but that view isn’t reflected in the results you’re achieving… 

    … It isn’t long before self-doubt and insecurity begin to sabotage every area of your life. 

    But even worse than that was the toll my actions were taking on my family. 

    Every time I had to tell my son or daughter, “Not today honey, daddy has to work”... 

    Every time I broke my promise to my wife and missed our date night (again)... 

    Every time I came home and my kids looked at me like a stranger in their house… 

    It tore a little piece of my heart clean out of my chest. 

    And it’s only now, looking back that I realize how much I hurt the people I loved the most. 

    But it all came to a head as I was laying in that hospital bed, and realized I had to make a decision: 

    Either Continue Down This Road, Selling my Soul to My Business and Sacrifice my Health, my Sanity, and my Family…
    … Or find a way to “Have it All” and Accomplish More While Reclaiming the Time and Freedom for the People and Things that Mattered Most

    Thankfully I chose the second option. 

    And I’m glad I did. 

    Because today, the life I’m living and the man I am is completely unrecognizable from where I was before… my days are dominated by JOY not STRESS and I’m achieving at a higher level than ever before. 

    What’s even cooler is to see how the frameworks I’m about to share with you have transformed the lives of other high-performers and top achievers… allowing them to get 10X more done while working less than ever before and feeling--for the first time in their life--that they’re actually living up to their potential. 

    I’ll share some of those stories with you in just a minute, but first, I need to dispel one of the BIGGEST myths about productivity and success… 

    The REAL Reason 99% of People Are Overwhelmed, Stressed Out, and at their Breaking Point

    Let me guess… 

    This isn’t the first time you’ve tried to get more done and be more productive. 

    Maybe you’ve read all of the “classic” productivity books or bought some fancy planner or tried using some weird app. 

    Me too. 

    And even though some of it did help… 

    I could never shake the feeling that something… some critical piece to the puzzle was missing. 

    Chances are, what you’re doing right now isn’t necessarily “wrong”. It’s just incomplete. 

    You’re missing the critical 10% that separates the INSANE producers who are able to joyfully and effortlessly smash through seemingly impossible goals… from everyone else. 

    It might not seem like a big deal. 

    But it’s like trying to bake a cake without the eggs… 

    … Even if you follow the recipe, you’re missing that one essential ingredient to make the recipe work.  

    What IS this Critical 10% None of the Other Gurus or Experts Are Talking About?

    There are actually three parts to it… 

    And even though everyone WANTS the fancy journal or the nifty app or some weird “biohack” to help them get more done. 

    The unsexy truth is that those things only account for maybe 10% of your performance. 

    It’s like buying a new pair of gym shoes and thinking you’ll add 100 lbs to your bench press… 

    Or buying a $4k guitar even though you don’t know how to play a C major scale… 

    The systems only work as well as YOU are able to make them work. 

    How You THINK About Productivity Matters More

    I ignored this truth for a long time. 

    Because frankly, it didn’t seem “cool” enough. 

    It sounded like some woo woo garbage you’d hear in The Secret… not a framework for effortless productivity. 

    And I paid the price for it big time. 

    Because what the gurus won’t tell you is that… 

    … You can’t replicate other people’s SYSTEMS and expect them to work for you. 

    How you get things done is as personal and individual as the things you do for fun. 

    You might love rock climbing or playing the guitar… but for someone else that’s their idea of torture. 


    You have to reverse engineer the PRINCIPLES and PHILOSOPHIES the highest-achievers use to THINK about productivity. 

    When you download their mental frameworks and approaches to productivity… 

    Almost any system will help you get the job done.

    The Second Component is Overcoming the Catch-22 of TIME

    After all… 

    You’re reading this page because you DON’T have enough time right now… 

    And if you don’t have enough time for the things that matter most… 

    ...How are you supposed to make the time to make more time? 

    In the past, I would buy all sorts of productivity systems and courses that promised to help me get more done… 

    … Only to let them sit in my inbox for months because I couldn’t spare 2-3 hours to go through them! 

    That’s why with this framework… 

    The FIRST step we’re going to take together is to help you instantly create the time you need to actually go through this experience and set up the systems that will save you countless hours in the long run. 

    Finally, You Need to Tap Into the Power of Sequencing

    And this is where a LOT of people get it wrong. 

    Imagine trying to pull your car out of the driveway BEFORE turning the ignition. 

    Or cook a batch of scrambled eggs BEFORE you crack them. 

    It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the right things. 

    If you’re doing the right things at the wrong time, you’re just as screwed as if you were doing the wrong thing altogether. 

    And that’s why this system is different from all of the other courses, books, and programs out there. 

    It helps you reclaim control of your time and reclaim an extra 5-15 hours a week so you can actually use this framework. 

    It reveals the key distinctions and mental models the top 0.1% of producers use that the other 99.9% of the population don’t. 

    And finally… 
    It leverages the power of sequence to help you build out the RIGHT systems and frameworks for YOU in the right order. 
    This wasn’t some “quick discovery” or magic fast fix I discovered… It took me years of fine tuning and iteration to get it right 

    Which is actually a GOOD thing for you. 

    Because it means you’re getting access to years of in-the-trenches experience and PROVEN methods. 

    Not something a social media influencer threw together over a weekend.

    Fast Forward to Today: This Methodology Saved My Life, My Business, and My Family… 

    Not only am I able to get more meaningful work done in an average morning than I used to in a month… 

    But every area of my life has improved as a result. 

    My health is better today than it was almost a decade ago. 

    I’m in the bleachers at every single one of my son’s soccer games (and have enough time to take him out for celebratory ice cream after words). 

    Date nights aren’t getting skipped and the inescapable sense of pressure, overwhelm, and fear has been replaced by joy. 

    I have more time, more freedom, and more success… even though I’m working less than ever before.

    But what’s even cooler is how the tools you’ll learn in this system have helped other people transform themselves and their lives… 

    • Finishing their days feeling on top of the world, proud of what they accomplished, and KNOWING they made massive progress toward the things that matter most 
    • Having the clarity and focus required to hone in on the RIGHT things and ignore the busy work that gets in the way of real progress. 
    • SURPASSING their goals and needing to re-evaluate their ambitions because they’re accomplishing so much more than they were before. 
    • Enjoying the freedom and family time they’ve been missing out on for years… reconnecting to old hobbies, rekindling lost friendships, and making a LIFE, not just a living.

    And today, you have the opportunity to experience results like these in your own life… 


    THE Most Effective System for People Looking to Accomplish More While Working Less.

    A personalized, no frills, no b.s. 21-day challenge designed to supercharge your productivity, motivation, and energy.

    This is the exact methodology and framework I’ve perfected over the past 20-years and taught to hundreds of my elite clients and partners…

    To not only get MORE done.

    But to accelerate progress in every area of life and create a “synergistic recipe” to have it all.

    This isn’t just about planning strategies, email management, and improving the efficiency of your meetings.

    It’s about the holistic game of productivity and peak performance. 

    Up-leveling every area of your life, not just how you plan your weeks.

    Biology. Emotions. Focus. And specific tools.

    It’s about changing WHO you are and HOW you’re showing up… so the WHAT takes care of itself.

    Now, I’ll reveal some of the amazing success stories of how my top clients have used this system in just a minute, but first…

    Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join the Productivity Playbook Program

    When you invest in The Productivity Playbook, you’ll get instant access to 6 core modules (about 20-40 minutes each) that you can go through right away.

    + Plus detailed, step-by-step walkthroughs of the different systems I use to manage my time and energy.

    Along with some killer bonuses I’ll talk about in just a second.

    By the end of day one, you’ll have a clear path for reclaiming 10-15 hours of free time a week.

    You’ll know exactly how to “Create time instantly” and free up the energy you need to build a bulletproof productivity system that works for your life.
    After you’re finished with the second module… you’ll know how to instantly decrease stress and anxiety and get massive clarity on what matters most.

    Allowing you to focus on the right things in the right order to achieve your goals… while ignoring everything else guilt free.

    And by the time you’re finished with the entire program…

    Friends and family will be pulling you aside asking, “What’s your secret? Did you clone yourself?!”

    I’m serious when I say that in six days…
    Your life can be completely transformed.

    Even though you have to consistently implement these frameworks and tools over the long haul to see tangible results.

    In less than a week…You’ll can feel like a brand new person and change your entire way of being when it comes to how you get stuff done.

    - More energy
    - More focus 
    - More results
    - Less stress
    - Less anxiety
    - Less confusion

    That’s the recipe for insane success.

    And I’ll show you how to do it step-by-step.

    Here’s Just a Small Taste of What You’ll Learn when You Invest Today

    • The #1 thing ALL millionaires schedule (and ruthlessly protect) in their calendars that separates them from the struggling 99%... and how to incorporate it into your life for rapid results.
    • The “48-Hour Attention Reset” that can help you reclaim control over your focus… banishing the endless scrolling, mindless work days, and unproductive afternoon slumps for good.
    • ​My sneaky “Inbox Triage” method that allows me to effortlessly manage thousands of emails a week… while ending each day at inbox 0 (this took me years to create).
    • ​Why “brain dumps” only add more stress and overwhelm and how to leverage “profit mind maps” for instant clarity and focus.
    • ​The SOD Framework for uncovering the right strategies at the right time to accelerate your time to achievement on your biggest goals.
    • The “4 Routines” that separate elite performers from everyone else… these will help you tap into flow states on command and detach from work with ease so you’re fully present for the people who matter most.
    • ​The SOAO framework that allows me to effortlessly automate ANYTHING I don’t want to do… without sacrificing profits or quality.
    • Why “Masterpiece Days” are the missing piece to accomplishing BIG goals… and how to execute them step-by-step.
    • ​ The “core 4” tools I use to get 100X more done than the average person (and exactly how to use them in your life).
    • The #1 biggest problem that plagues entrepreneurs and slows down high achievers… AND how to fix it for good.
    • ​The 5 productivity myths that DESTROY performance and crush dreams (even though the gurus tell you to do them!)
    • And a whole lot more… 

    And if you’re feeling skeptical of this system or you’ve been burned by shady gurus in the past…

    Here’s How my Elite Clients Are ALREADY Using the Productivity Playbook to Achieve Insane Success

    And this feedback was from my $100k/year 1-on-1 mentoring clients who received only a small part of this system.

    I gave them what they needed at the time…

    But I hadn’t yet codified my philosophies and strategies into a single program

    Which is why I created The Productivity Playbook in the first place.

    I knew that I could have a greater impact by systematizing this experience and offering it at price almost anyone can afford.


    I’m pretty sure investing in a program that could allow you to double (at the very least) your output over the next 7-10 days would be a no-brainer deal at pretty much any price.

    And I’m not kidding when I say that clients pay a minimum of $50k/year (and some of them upwards of $150k) just to get access to the same systems I’m going to share with you today.

    (If you don’t believe me when I say that, feel free to check out my “Consulting” page on sharran.com/consulting)

    But You Can Get Access to the COMPLETE System Today WITHOUT Paying the $50,000 Dozens of Elite Executives Have Gladly Invested to Get Access to These Systems

    By now, I’m sure you’re wondering about the cost of this program.
    My goal was to make it financially accessible--without being unethical. 
    As soon as I realized my clients were paying for “custom made” implementation--not content--I was relieved. 
    I could set the price of this program as low as I wish to. 
    And I did. 
    Despite all recommendations... either from my coach (who forbid me from selling this for anything less than $997)... or my marketing team (which set a $197 price tag to make the math work). 

    For a limited time, I’m offering complete access to the Productivity Blueprint for only one payment of $47.

    For less than a decent meal on the town… you can get access to secrets that allowed me to generate billions in revenue and build dozens of businesses to the highest level…

    ...While eliminating stress and anxiety and feeling joyful, proud, and productive every single day.

    But that’s not all…
    When you invest today, I’ll also give you instant access to…

    1. My Quarterly Planning Blueprint:

    That I use to “compress time” and get more done in my 90-day sprints than most do all year.

    This is the exact tool I walk through every quarter with my 1-on-1 clients.

    And it’s how I’ve helped some of the most successful individuals in the entrepreneurial world get even more done while stressing less and living more.

    2. Never Before Released “Accelerator Interviews” with Seth Godin and Craig Ballantyne

    Two of the most prolific and productive people I know.
    You’ll get insiders access to these private interviews and discover exactly how the best of the best think about productivity, performance, and business to make the impossible happen and live their perfect lives.

    3. The Work-Life Balance Myth

    A special training I recorded to dispel the pervasive myth of work-life balance and teach you my philosophy of “work life mastery”.

    This myth is why SO many entrepreneurs and professionals end up getting divorced, wrecking their families, and losing their closest friends…

    ...And when you discover the simple but counterintuitive truth.
    It can help you accelerate your relationships and personal life to a whole new level… without sacrificing the achievements and creative pursuits that drive you.

    Are You Ready to Accomplish More In Your Life and Business At Breakneck Speed… Without Adding Any Extra Work, Stress, or Anxiety?

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    I’m not going to hit you with some ridiculous scarcity pitch or tell you that “We’re running out of copies!” (on a digital program).

    But I will tell you that I genuinely don’t know how much longer this offer will be available.

    To get this into as many hands as possible…

    My team and I have to spend money on advertising so people like you actually know that it exists.

    And frankly, I have no idea what to expect.

    This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this (mainly because I’ve been too busy building businesses off line to focus on going digital).

    And at only $47, we may not be able to earn back our ad dollars so we can continue getting this to as many people as need it.

    So if you come back to this page tomorrow and find that the price has increased to $197, $297, or even $997…

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    The math has to work for me to continue selling this program and we may find out that $116 just isn’t feasible.

    So please…

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